About Albert Levis, M.D.

Albert Levis presenting his Moral Science at his Vermont family Inn

Albert Levis giving a workshop at his Vermont Inn.

Albert Levis, M.D., the inventor of Moral Science, puts his approach into practice at his Museum of Creative Process in Vermont where he connects Formal Theory to the artistic process through exhibitions and workshops. A practicing psychiatrist for over forty years, Levis was trained at the Universities of Zurich and Geneva, the University of Chicago and Yale.

Albert Levis with his book about the Moral Science

The author of numerous texts — including The Formal Theory of Behavior, Conflict Analysis Training and Science Stealing the Fire of the Gods — Dr. Levis founded and directed the Center for the Study of Normative Behaviour in Hamden, Connecticut before founding the Museum of Creativity along with a family inn in Vermont. His Creative Assessment Battery is available online through conflictanalysis.com the museum website: http://www.museumofthecreativeprocess.com

Albert Levis giving a tour of his Museum of the Creative Process on his Vermont property.

The Conflict Analysis Battery can be downloaded at: conflictanalysisbattery.com/