The Moral Science Healing President Trump and the World

The problematic issues of our times — the Islamic civil wars, Jihadism and president Trump’s handling of Islam — should be dealt with as a conceptual riddle.

— Albert Levis, M.D.

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The problematic issues of our times — the Islamic civil wars, Jihadism and president Trump’s handling of Islam — should be dealt with as a conceptual riddle.  The enigma reflects the difficulty of dealing with psychology and religion in the traditional way.  For example, psychology introduces medical diagnoses for President Trump and lacks any opinion whatsoever in relating them to religion.  This blog addresses the traditional split by reconciling psychology and religions into the Moral Science.

In a series of ten communications, I share a scientific discovery and its dramatic political relevance in informing readers about insights into the unconscious that have escaped rational understanding. In our method of scientific conflict resolution, the unconscious is a measurable and manageable phenomenon.  While this understanding supports the overlapping of morality and psychology, it also brings us to a key idea:  the unconscious is a homeostatic mechanism and the origin of moral thought.  This breakthrough revamped agnostic psychology while demystifing dogma-based moralities.

The outcome of this integration is a totally new psychology, the Science of Conflict Resolution or the Moral Science. We now have a method in which morality becomes the exact psychology, while psychology becomes the essence of religions.   This rectified the former stasis in which psychology dismissed morality, while religions overlooked science; we reveal both as partial and complementary discoveries of the same science.


Research on the new science began with the observation of a pattern repeated five times in the Greek creation stories establishing the Olympian religion. We observed in periodicity of the pattern underlying laws of two natural sciences phenomena describing the creative process; the result reflected the unconscious as the unit entity of the social sciences.  We revamped psychology’s diagnostic categories and assessment techniques by focusing on creativity as the method of self-discovery.  Our case studies determine that creativity identifies the scientific principles of conflict resolution as the universal moral values.

The Moral Science

The Moral Science introduces the study of the creative process as a scientific conflict resolution phenomenon and confers physical dimensions to the thought process. It identifies three equilibrial relational operations binding emotions and behaviors as interrelated into the circumscribed totality we know as a story by transforming passivity to activity, antagonism to cooperation and alienation to mutual respect. These scientific principles are shown to determine the moral conclusion of all stories.

The political relevance of the Moral Science is due to the fact that science diagnoses alternative ways of resolving conflict, applicable both to the analysis of personality types and also to the analysis of religions. Science clarifies wellness and pathology while identifying interventions to optimize a dual healing: the person and religion.

Wellness Distinctions

As wellness distinctions, four relational alternatives are identified in resolving conflicts. These are presented as dichotomies in pairs of opposites: dominance vs. submissiveness and cooperation vs. antagonism.  In this study, the diagnosis of dominant antagonism is the relational modality of both the president’s personality and the Islamic faith.  While this modality has many merits, the problematic effects can be observed in the behavior of both Trump and the Jihadists of Islam.

Trump vs. Islam

Trump’s election was an equilibrial response to terrorism, his authoritarianism balancing off the Islamic threat to the country’s sovereignty.  Therefore, Trump is causing the Islamization of America.  Yet, America can actually resolve Islam’s problems because it allows free press. Accordingly, we clarify this modality’s problematic manifestation at both the psychological and sociological levels; shedding light 0n the bizarre developments in the American president’s behaviors is also bringing Islamist activists into sharp focus. Our input seeks to educate the president to a wellness state inspiring the wisdom to cope with his problems as well as those of Islam. We believe that Trump’s self-healing will also serve to peacefully manage the current political drama.

The Ten Segments

Ten segments of this blog introduce sequentially the language of the Moral Science: identifying the unconscious and the set of four personality type wellness diagnoses.

We contrast the conceptual alternatives in providing a psychological diagnosis of President Trump in terms of a wellness relational modality.  The wellness diagnosis offered by Moral Science acknowledges the distortions of reality generated by Trump’s severe defensiveness as a treatable alternative to the psychiatric diagnosis of narcissism as an incurable monolithic personality disorder.  “Educating Trump”  consists of four crucial stages:

  1. We introduce a psychological self-assessment generating personal insights facilitating change.
  2. We apply the concepts in cultural diagnoses discussing religions as determined by laws of nature and understanding Islam as the dominant antagonistic relational modality.
  3. We address the Islamization of America under the reign of Trump as potentially resolving conflicts by way of America’s freedom of discourse.
  4. We conclude with suggestions for Trump’s healing leadership through the pursuit of research and reforms.

Strategic Assumption

The Moral Science targets healing of the person and the world through the integration of psychology and religion with insights guiding a new cultural wisdom.  From this place of equilibrium, the militaristic solutions to global problems can be resolved conceptually.

The world is caught between the American president’s militant, naïve, recalcitrant self-righteous thinking countered by fanatic naïve believers ready to die for their moral values. Equally self-centered leaders hold the world hostage to their self-righteousness. The world needs a scientific moral paradigm to aid the self-awareness of leaders so they may grasp themselves as the departure point for new ideologies and a fresh approach to religions.

My anticipation is that the president will be relieved of his personal discomfort and distortions and that enlightened he might recognize the political relevance of the scientific conceptualization of psychology and morality as instrumental in inspiring the world. The possibility that Trump might be receptive to the new concepts is based on the stress he is experiencing.  This tension is personally manifested in his distortions of reality, multiple feuds, and his tendency to escalate militancy as a polarizing national policy. My reasoning is that Trump, as a practical thinking person, might be motivated to espouse the alternative: drastic initiatives for peaceful de-escalation of violence.

Trump suffers and he could be healed. He also desperately wants to be remembered as the greatest president. We are offering him this opportunity by his changing paradigms from agnostic, medicalized, ineffective psychology, failing education and divisive faiths, misleading ideologies to espouse the Moral Science as the initiative that can heal him as well as educate the public and heal the world.

We anticipate that Trump can become aware of the scientific insights that will prove effective in reducing his personal discomfort.  We believe that in taking our directive he can espouse research on the science, and seek reforms leading to a paradigm shift that could make this a well-functioning world by demystifying religions while promoting the healing benefits of the new science.

We remember how emperor Constantine transformed the dysfunctional pagan Roman Empire by adopting Christianity as the monotheistic benevolent integrative alternative. Trump could make history too by changing the paradigm from the Abrahamic religions to the unifying Moral Science.

Discovery and Consequences

Educating Trump is a high priority. Healing the leader begins healing the world.

The world needs a good patient. The option is here to counter the sacrosanct moral monopolies dividing the world into military camps and addressing the inadequacies of the current lack of insights on behavior. The president and the social scientists can insist that the public first be informed and then get involved.

I am confident that the clarity of scientific thinking will lead to effective power management.  The discovery and application of the Moral Science will be effective in unifying the world, reducing the divisiveness inspired by religions, improving mental health and providing the emotional education that will make therapy more affordable and effective to all. We are expecting this series of communications to make sense to the public and that the public will gradually become receptive to essential reforms.

The author, Albert Levis, is a psychiatrist, who conducted research healing himself from his childhood experiences of WWII and the holocaust in Athens, Greece. He has completed 7 volumes of research on the subject of the scientific analysis of the creative process as a conflict resolution innate mechanism.Evidence validating the theory is available in the following:

  1. A series of art exhibits of the Museum of the Creative Process on the grounds of the Wilburton Inn,
  2. The effectiveness of the application of the theory based self-assessment, which is deliverable online, that is didactic, diagnostic and therapeutic without a therapist, and
  3. Playing an educational card game, Moral Monopoly, retracing the evolution of religions as discoveries of the science.  The players creatively explore the unresolved conflicts of the Abrahamic religions in the area of gender relations.